Divine luxury, softness and ultimate style for the Jet Set at heart. This Top of the Line Genuine Faux Fur blanket is available as “Purrari” in double thickness or “Furrari” with ultra suede backing.

USD 198.00


Ultimate luxury, softness and sophistication for your loved ones. Available in Ecru/Cream with subtle variations of background color in Camel and Chocolate Brown or in a solid Silver Grey.

 USD 140.00


The OMG Blanket will capture your heart and senses! It is so deliciously soft, that you will not ever want to let go. Choose between an Ecru or a light Grey shade. Mix and match or allow it to make a statement all by itself.

USD 180.00


bed of roses

Ultimate luxury, softness and sophistication for your home. To complete your favorite ‘Bed of Roses’, this gorgeous fabric is now available as a simply stunning pillow! Available in Ecru/Cream

USD 85.00

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